about me

Hi, I’m Victoria and I live in Kent with my gorgeous little family. I’ve been married for 11 years and we have two beautiful, hilarious kids (8 & 4).

I’m a proud introvert and fully embrace it as my superpower! It helps me approach weddings in a quiet, calm but friendly and warm manner. One moment you won’t notice I’m there, the next you’ll find me sharing a joke with one of your bridesmaids.

I love anything with a bit of humour in (equally loving Schitt’s Creek, Friends and Bridgerton), and anything that brings me warmth (I will adore anyone who brings me a blanket, hot water bottle and coffee).

There are lots of things that bring me joy, see below for some of my favourites…

“Victoria was an absolute dream to work with. We were made to feel completely comfortable and at ease!”

Kiera and Matthew


I’m by the water

My favourite thing to do is

Get lost in a good book

I work best when

I’m armed with a coffee and some good music

I'm a little obsessed with


I love a good comedy

David may possibly be my favourite character ever

My favourite joke

What did one snowman say to the other?

“Can you smell carrots?”